Ahmad Wehbe is a Lebanese author, creative artist and philosopher. He uses various art forms to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories.


Early years:

He was born in Sweden after his parents immigrated to escape the 1980’s Lebanese war.


Growing up in a racist society made it difficult to fit in and make friends. This made him naturally seek out creativity for his enjoyment and to keep his mind entertained.


Most of his childhood was spent dodging Nazi groups who enjoyed harassing and beating up him up. This made school an unsafe experience and an impossible place for him to focus on his studies due to stress, illness and bruises. Instead most of his education would come from documentaries through satellite TV, science magazines and books.


After years of sacrificing candy, clothes, sports equipment and allowances, he was finally able to own a personal computer at the age of 11. This opened up the world for him, where he could explore and research without being bullied or restricted by the school system.


Mid years:

He rejected atheism in his early 19th year and proclaimed his duty to GOD in his late 19th year; after discovering the mathematical miracle of the Quran, and conducting his own intensive research and study of the Quran. However, it would take him an additional 10 years of life experience to fully accept the Quran.


A lot happened during those 10 years, everything from falling in love to being betrayed by his best friends. He worked for years in different types of businesses, from bee-keeping to the steel industry. It was only at the end of this wild ride that he finally discovered his true passion; writing!


Later years:

Wehbe published his first work in June 2014 “GOD THE CREATOR”; this philosophical work approaches the topic through reason, hoping to put an end to the debate between atheism and theism. He has been working on multiple writing projects since then.


In April 2017 he released “Art with a Purpose”; an art project he had been working on since late 2014 consisting of over 50 expressive paintings. Here is an excerpt from his catalog: “Expressed in his paintings is an evocative depth which absorbs and empowers us to explore our own inner workings.”





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