Frequently Asked Questions



Here is a list of common questions, look around and see if you find your answer, if not, then contact me and ask away!



Q: Where are you from?

A: Sweden


Q: Does the 30 day money back gurantee apply to your books as well?

A: No, it only applies to my art. For books you have to check with amazon's refund policy.


Q: Will you release any more paintings?

A: Nothing on the same large scale as my Blue, Green, Orange, Purple & Red collections. I do have one stand-alone painting in mind that I do want to finish, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It will also be priced completely differently with only one size available.


Q: Are you a painter or an author?

A: Tough question. I'm a painter when I'm painting, and I'm an author when I'm writing. And I'm a dolphine when I'm swimming.



If you have any questions then don't hesitate to send an email at: or use the contact form.